Global Community Dialogue


on Diversity, Leadership and Change

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We hear all the time about how we are living in a “global village” within a “flat world” that is slowly closing the “digital divide”. But do we really know what it means to create a truly global community? What are the goals? What are the challenges? What are the opportunities? What are the risks? And most importantly, what is our role - as a group and as individuals - in this intercultural, interdisciplinary, interracial and “intereverythingelse” community?

The Global Community Dialogue - which was launched by Jeremy Solomons and other committed global citizens in Houston, Texas in April 2005 - is an annual gathering of thinkers, practitioners, leaders, teachers, activists, students, philosophers, writers, who spend four days together in a beautiful, secluded setting, somewhere in the world, dialoguing in small and large groups about the above questions and all related topics.

Previous sessions have been held in Houston, Texas; Delft, The Netherlands; Bryan, Texas, Seattle, Washington; Lille, France; Miami, Florida, USA; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Sitges (Barcelona), Catalunja, Spain, and Oaxaca, Mexico. Our next gathering will be held near Lisbon, Portugal, from September 15-19, 2017.

The Global Community Dialogue was originally called the “Global Diversity Dialogue”. After five meetings in Europe and the USA over the last four years, it was decided that this name did not do justice to the full scope of participants’ experience, endeavours, and interests. After much dialogue (!) we settled on renaming our forum the Global Community Dialogue on Diversity, Leadership and Change ... or GCD for short. This name reflects our aspirations to engage in dialogue that encourages the development of a global community - and helps us help each other to be better leaders in our respective societies, and across any borders and transitions that we may encounter.

Above all else, we aim to explore the workings, the boundaries, the effects and the potential of diversity, leadership and change, and how they impact communities on a global scale.

As such, the Global Community Dialogue is NOT intended to be a conference or professional development event, with guest speakers and concurrent sessions; nor is it a professional association or exclusive club; nor is it a new consortium of practitioners.

We have no hidden or specific agenda beyond increasing understanding, tolerance, harmony and peace for the benefit of all humanity. We have no pre-determined structure or topics. We do not even have any formal membership or dues.

What we usually do have is a group of about 20-30 experienced professionals from business, government, academia, the non-profit sector, multilateral agencies and private practice who come together somewhere in the world once a year for four days to:

     - share what they are currently doing in the fields of global communities, diversity, leadership and change

     - discuss current and future trends in these and related fields

     - develop closer professional and personal bonds

     - brainstorm ways to share, collaborate and partner with each other more closely in future

As such, the dialogue design will be co-created in an organic and holistic way, focusing on the head, the heart and the soul, and based on a needs assessment of registered participants using modified versions of Harrison Owen’s Open Space Technology and David Bohm’s Dialogue techniques.

As part of our commitment to inclusiveness, the GCD is open to anyone who deems themselves to be "experienced" in the fields of building global communities, global diversity, leadership and/or change. We do not want to risk any appearance of exclusivity by setting “minimum” qualifications or criteria: Everyone who chooses to come to the dialogue is encouraged to participate fully by learning from and sharing with others, having an open mind, a full heart and no set agenda of their own. In this vein, we let potential participants define what "experienced" means for them.

There is no formal membership for the GCD, but this informal band of like-hearted and like-minded individuals around the world is growing rapidly. If you want to be added to the e-mailing list, please let us know. The Dialogue is run as a volunteer, not-for-profit operation, with any surplus being plowed back into scholarships. Participation fees serve to cover the logistical and operational costs of meeting.

We usually convene in a cosy private house, inn or hotel and make a point of breaking bread (and sharing a few drinks) together several times a day, in order to build the trust and comfort required to allow us to share our deepest thoughts, ideas and hopes for the present and the future. 


Welcome to
The Global Community Dialogue

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

- Mahatma Gandhi