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The 12th Dialogue returns to Europe, to a country at the root of much of what was once called the “New World”. Although the Spaniards and the Italians lay claim to having “discovered” the Americas in the person of Christopher Columbus, it is Portugal that laid the groundwork for these global explorations. Their research, data, experience and courage served as the working foundation for nearly every other sea-going explorer thereafter. Indeed, Columbus actually studied under Portuguese explorers in Lisbon before undertaking his voyage of discovery to America. Perhaps the best known of Portugal’s explorers is Fernão de Magalhães (anglicised as "Magellan") who organised the first circumnavigation of the globe, and who established footholds for European explorers on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. Portuguese ventures in(to) Asia, Africa and the New World served to create an empire that, at its peak, belied the diminutive size of the country itself.

The GCD #12 will take place in the vicinity of Cascais, outside of Lisbon and Sintra.

Lisbon itself is one of Europe’s oldest cities, dating back to the 8th century BC. It is also one of Europe’s wealthiest cities, and among the top-ten tourist destinations in Southern Europe. Lisbon owes its popularity to its international orientation, financial centres and extensive logistics network.

Sintra is known for its many 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments, which has resulted
in its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as an extensive literary heritage that has made it a legendary reference in Portuguese literature. Additionally, Sintra - originally Suntria, or “bright star” - has been a crossroad for many cultures, each of which has left its mark on the city, making it an archeological trove.

In keeping with the model of successful dialogues in the past, we have reserved a large venue that can accommodate all members of the dialogue and will allow us exclusive use of the venue. Set in the village of Malveira da Serra, the “Morada do Sol” (encompassing the Villa Cascais and the Casa Grande) offers us a private, peaceful environment for meeting in groups of all sizes.  We are planning to cater this event ourselves again, with everyone pitching in to prepare meals - and to enjoy the results! We will likely have one evening out in Cascais, Sintra or Lisbon to gain some insight into the history and cultural significance of the locale.

The topics for the twelfth GCD have not yet been determined, but we welcome any suggestions and ideas!

The 12th GCD officially begins at 6pm on Friday, September 15, 2017 and runs until Tuesday, September 19th at 12noon, with an optional joint lunch in Lisbon on Tuesday. Residential participation fees for the GCD cover all lodging, meals and refreshments during the GCD, as well as the meeting costs. Fees will be based on a sliding scale, according to participants’ or their employer's ability to pay and their choice of lodging (see fee schedule below). Although the venue is large (14 bedrooms for up to about 28 people), we do have a limited number of rooms, which will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Of course, we can provide additional information for alternative lodging in the area upon request, or in the event of an overflow of participants.

Our experience has shown that a residential experience - i.e. staying at the venue where we meet - contributes significantly to the quality of the experience, and to the dialogue itself (which often carries on into the informal hours of the evening).

If you would like to register, please fill out this registration form and send it back to us via (e)mail (please include the words “GCD Registration” in the subject) or snail-mail (post) as soon as possible.

We are proud to have succeeded in keeping the registration fee for this year’s GCD stable with regard to last year, despite currency fluctuations and a European location. In an effort to respect the diverse backgrounds and circumstances of our members, we offer a sliding scale based on each participant’s situation and ability to pay. We are fortunate to have exclusive use of the venue, which means that we have a combined fee for lodging and the conference. Only a few single rooms are available on the basis of need and on a first-come-first-served basis. Residential fees include lodging, all meals during the Dialogue, as well as any non-alcoholic beverages. Lodging costs are unfortunately beyond our control, and we charge only enough to cover these external costs. Participation fees (in Euros) for this year’s Dialogue will be :

Residential (Single/Double Occupancy)

    - Student/Non-Profit - € 700 / € 420

    - Independent/Academic - € 840 / € 560

    - Corporate - € 910 / € 630

Local / Non-Residential

    - Student/Non-Profit - € 140

    - Independent/Academic - € 280

    - Corporate - € 350

The Dialogue lives from the interaction between its participants, so we strongly encourage you to choose the residential option if you are able to - this provides not only peace of mind, but also endless additional opportunities to get to know others from all over the world.

Please arrange for payments to be made in Euros or US Dollars via bank transfer (please see the GCD Registration Form 2017.docx or contact us for bank details), PayPal (payable to mhardtmann(at) or XE-Trade (please choose the “Wire” option and send it to our German bank account, see above.) We regret that we cannot afford to pay bank fees for transfers, so we kindly ask you to assure that you cover these fees on your end or wire additional funds to cover them.

Please contact us about obtaining or contributing to sponsorship.

Travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of each participant, and should be arranged on a personal basis. Although we will help with as much information as we can, each participant is responsible for fulfilling any legal or administrative requirements (visa, vaccinations, etc.). Lisbon (the closest airport to Cascais) is served by various international airline carriers, and a reasonable drive form the Morada do Sol. We will be arranging rental cars and/or a shuttle for participants - please understand that we can make only full runs, so you may be asked to wait on occasion... Please provide us with your travel details once you have booked, so that we can coordinate pick-up and drop off accordingly.


Dialogue #12 - Lisbon, Portugal

Friday, September 15, 2017 to Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dialogue #12 - Cascais, Portugal

15-19 September, 2017

In light of the focus of world powers and international relations, we have selected a venue that reflects the exploration of new and different lands and cultures. Lisbon has long been at the centre of global exploration and discovery. The Portuguese were the earliest “modern European” explorers of the Atlantic and Pacific, and the first to successfully circumnavigate the globe. 

The exclusive municipality of Cascais on the Estoril Coast - often referred to as the Portuguese Riviera - began as a small fishing village and wool working center, but became famous once Portugal’s royal family began repairing there in the summers of the late 19th century. Portugal’s neutrality during the second world war led to Cascais being the temporary residence of exiled royal families from Spain, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria, among others.


Topics will likely include:

  1. -World Politics and Global Interrelations

  2. -Refugees, Political Asylum and Social Order

  3. -Governments and their People

  4. -... and the list is still open and we welcome your contributions!

ABOUT “Morada do Sol” in Malveira da Serra, in the parish of Alcabideche, in the municipality of Cascais in the city of Lisbon, in Portugal!

The unique Morada Sol estate, located in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, is made up of two separate villas set opposite to each other in a beautiful 5000 m2 walled landscaped garden. With average temperatures between 15º and 25º C (60º and 75º F), hearty souls will find the private covered swimming pool an added delight.

The architecture of the main villa (Villa Cascais) is of Mediterranean influence, with the house following the contours of the landscape - curves not cubes - so the whole is at one with its setting. The venue’s proximity to the beach and the many attractions of Cascais, Lisbon and Sintra allow this property to offer peace and privacy amongst the beauty and tranquillity of nature, but with all you might want close by.

Address: Rua do Cancelo, 2755-151 Alcabideche, Portugal

Co-ordinates:  38° 45' 2.52"N / 9° 26' 43.08"W

Lat: 38.7507° / Lon: -09.4453°